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Enrich Geneva at a Glance

Our Mission:

Our non-profit organization's goal is to increase quality of life by widening our horizons in the vast areas of the arts and supporting our small businesses and the community itself.  This initiative provides a backbone for local artists, art lovers, readers, writers and many more in an effort to impact Geneva's culture.  We propose to make big changes in the community to connect nature, the arts and Geneva through our long and short term goals:

  • LOCAL Magazine: printed quarterly with hundreds of copies free to visitors and residents to promote Geneva's small businesses and list community events

  • Financial, emotional and professional support of almost three dozen local artists: displayed at Vines of NY Art Gallery (The New York Gallery of Natural Art) in Geneva

  • Represent New York State as the only gallery of natural art for the state, the whole of New England and the entire East Coast.

  • Relocation of the Gallery and the creation of a Children's Room for budding artists.

  • Summer 2022 Book Giveaway for 3,000+ books (supports building of minds, culture and personal libraries)

  • Biannual Community Arts Festivals: Geneva Fall Festival (Oct) & Geneva Winter Arts Festival (Feb)

  • An Array of Arts Classes for All Ages (Dec-Mar) offered at the art gallery to provide activities in the winter season - filled to capacity with waiting list every time

  • Reading & Writing Events 

  • Community Poetry & Short Story Book Anthology (on Photos page)

  • Local photography printed book for community and tourist appreciation of nature in The Finger Lakes

  • Bring greater tourism to Geneva through the art gallery, which offers a unique style of art

  • Artist Specialty Demonstration Events, showing the process of many art fields

  • The creation of the Solar Eclipse 2024 Geneva Task Force to present a weekend event-filled festival for this once-in-a-lifetime experience (aids in tourism, resident quality of life and business support)

  • Build a safe space for writers and artists to quietly work on their craft, along with a classroom for adults and children to learn new skills and passions with designated quiet rooms to imagine and create.

  • Create a circular artist support program to purchase artwork from local artists and promote them to the community and beyond

Our Plan for the 2022-2024 Time Frame:



Supporting the Arts & the Community

Book Giveaway (3,000+ Books to the Community)
Ongoing Writing Submissions (LOCAL Magazine)

Creation of Collection of Finger Lakes Authors
in a Book of Poetry, Short Stories & Artwork
Upcoming in 2024

Old Book

Arts Festivals & Art Walks to Support Local Artists & Art Lovers

Fall Family Festival: BID: Downtown Geneva Oct 10
Art Walk: BID, The Dove Block & Vines of New York: 
Downtown Geneva Dec 3

Winter Arts Festival
Downtown Geneva February 2023

New Free Geneva Magazine to
Support the Arts, Nature, Community
& Small Businesses

Printed over 2,000 copies so far!

LOCAL Summer 2022 cover_edited.jpg
Painting Easels

Winter Classes
Held at Vines of NY Art Gallery
Including painting, jewelry, sculpture, weaving & textiles.
Additional Classes Listed on

Hardscaped Botanical Garden Coming in 2024
To Include a Native Wildlife Preservation Garden,
Sensory Garden & Community Herb Garden
with Water Features & Outdoor Classes




Located in Vines of New York Art Gallery
772 S. Main Street
Geneva, NY 14456


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